Date: December 17, 2021

Gotham City Online Successfully Integrates With Roblox
To Sell Licensed Verch In The Metaverse

Initial Roblox Product Launch Will Feature Numerous Visual Artists

AUSTIN, TX - Gotham City Online, the pioneer of value-added eCommerce licensing, continues to disrupt the traditional consumer goods licensing model with its recent expansion into selling digital merchandise, known as "verch", on Roblox. Gotham City Online has created an in-house division that focuses on servicing consumers in the metaverse and leverages the company's broad expertise in direct-to-consumer eCommerce.

"Gotham City Online prides itself in being ahead of the curve, and we believe our expansion into the metaverse will allow our licensing partners to jump start their metaverse strategy," commented Adam Hersh, Chief Marketing Officer at Gotham City Online. "We have a strong knowledge base in selling products directly to online consumers, so expanding into the metaverse was more evolutionary than revolutionary for our business. Given the recent success metaverse pioneers like Zara Larsson and Lil Nas X have experienced, we know that demand is strong and growing."

The verch initially created for Roblox is digital clothing, which is being developed in conjunction with Pop Threads, a subsidiary of Gotham City Online and a leader in direct-to-consumer licensed pop culture apparel. Gotham City Online completed a Roblox technology integration a few months ago and has selected visual artists from its comprehensive licensing portfolio for the Roblox launch. The artists selected include: Amy Brown, Brigid Ashwood, Rose Khan, Tom Wood, Carla Morrow, Nene Thomas, Ruth Thompson, James Booker, Ciruelo, Jason Naylor, and David Olenick.

"The digital economy is empowering artists to connect with fans and collectors in amazing new ways and launching this program with our artist partners was a natural next step," noted Andrew Lawrence, Director of Licensing for Gotham City Online. "In the past year alone, millions of dollars have been paid for NFTs by digital artists like Beeple, so Gotham City Online is very excited to enable individual artists, as well as established corporate brands, in creating and maintaining their presence in the metaverse."

Gotham City Online has created a proprietary technology platform that manages the sale and fulfillment of almost 1,000,000 unique SKUs on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Wayfair. The company's expansion into verch will be the first time the technology platform was used to integrate to a digital ecosystem like Roblox.

"There are very few people who I would consider experts in the commercial aspect of Roblox because the metaverse is young and evolving so rapidly," noted DXSH Gaming Studio Founder DJ Skee. "However I recently worked with Adam at Gotham City Online and was greatly impressed by his breadth of knowledge and grasp of the tremendous opportunity that exists."

The sale of verch on Roblox is currently limited to Gotham City Online's licensing partners as part of its value-added licensing model.

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