Date: February 24, 2022

Gotham City Online Achieves Record 2021 Holiday Sales With
Made In The USA Premium Calendars That Leverage Domestic Manufacturing

Expanding 2022 Value-Added Licensing Partnerships With
New Anime and Pop Culture Brand Deals

AUSTIN, TX - Gotham City Online, the pioneer of value-added eCommerce licensing, has announced record 2021 sales for its newly launched Premium Calendar product line. The Premium Calendars were launched for the 2022 calendar year after a substantial investment by Gotham City Online in state-of-the-art printing equipment for its Austin, Texas headquarters and a commitment to sourcing premium, domestic paper containing post-consumer recycled contents.

"We are incredibly proud of the success we are achieving with our Made In The USA product lines," noted Andrew Lawrence, Director of Licensing for Gotham City Online. "Our focus on domestic manufacturing allowed us to operate efficiently in one of the most challenging supply chain environments we have ever seen, which insulated our customers and our licensing partners against the issues many other retailers struggled with in 2021."

Gotham City Online has grown it's Made In The USA capabilities considerably over the past few years in order to rapidly deliver licensed pop-culture products into the marketplace. This expansion includes the use of sustainably grown and recycled wood for its artwork frames, packaging that uses less materials, sourcing domestic paper with post-consumer recycled contents for its posters, calendars and murals, as well as 100% domestic printing for its t-shirt and apparel products in 2021.

"Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact importing product from overseas, often of inferior quality, has on our planet," added Mr. Lawrence. "They understand that shipping products halfway around the world contributes to global warming via increased carbon emissions, in addition to creating additional strain on the global supply chain. Gotham City Online is proud to be part of the solution to these important socioeconomic issues."

Brand Owners also recognize the value-added in domestic manufacturing which minimizes waste and benefits our planet. As a result, Gotham City Online continues to expand its licensing partnerships, and recently began working with: Pan Am, Saturday Night Live, Brooklyn 99, Wet Hot American Summer and Viz Media properties including Bleach, Death Note, HunterXHunter and One Punch Man.

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